Saturday, August 2, 2008

A fighter jet and a motorcycle made sweet love, birthed $82,350


How many bucks would you spend to watch a Jet and a bike make love? Not very many I guess, but you must be curious to see the result of this rather unfortunate procreation. Meet MonoTracer! The futuristic looking vehicle is actually a real-life working model and is being built and sold by Peraves.

Basically, MonoTracer is an advanced version of the normal bikes. A cabin mounted on a bike and the drag gets minimized to a great extent, making MonoTracer highly effective at achieving high speeds and greater levels of safety. The vehicle flies at a top speed of 250 kmph and can go from zero to hundred in 5.7 seconds. So time for the distressing factor now: the price. You must doll out $82,350 for a MonoTracer. But hey, the coolness associated with this one makes the buying decision a no-brainer.


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