Friday, July 25, 2008

CIS Solar Tower



* Generates total electricity for 61 average three-bed houses each year (note: there is a difference between what is stated in the Tower’s site and in the Solarcenter’s site)
* Generates enough electricity each year to light an average three-bed house for over 305 years
* Generates enough electricity to make 6.8 million pieces of toast/9.9 million cups of tea every year

Some more details:

In total, 7,244 Sharp 80W modules are used to clad the entire service tower. From this total, 4,898 PV modules are live, 870 ‘full size’ dummy modules and 109 ‘medium size’ dummy modules and 1,367 edge modules were used in order to optimize the system’s electrical generation and minimize costs. (source: Solarcenter)


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